Qur’an verses affirming the reliability of the Torah and the Gospel

Please find above an Excel spreadsheet containing about 70 or so verses which I’ve come across which I believe suggest that the Qur’an is affirming the reliability of the Torah and the Gospel. They cover numerous categories from ‘Bad motives’ (suggesting the issue is the behaviour of Jews and Christians and not their corrupt texts), ‘Confirming’ (where the Qur’an is explicitly said to be ‘confirming’, Muṣaddiqan, the previous scriptures), and more. A couple of hadith are included at the end as well.

This is not necessarily exhaustive – these are just some that I have found so far.

UPDATE, 08/01/2021:

I have just finished M. Whittingham’s brand new (2021) and excellent ‘A history of Muslim views of the Bible: the first four centuries’ (de Gruyter, Berlin/Boston), which I can thoroughly recommend.

Appendix 1 (pp. 174-180) lists, by my count, 101 Qur’an verses expressing a ‘Positive Attitude’ towards the Bible, and, by my count, 16 that suggest that ‘Some form of corruption assumed’. Many of his verses will overlap with those I mention. Some of them speak of the original inspiration of the Torah and the Gospel, but many suggest their ongoing reliability. Similarly, the 16 where there is ‘Some form of corruption assumed’ range from the strongest accusation in Q 2:79 (some kind of textual corruption, I understand it to be limited to some Jews at the time of Muhammad, not both Torah and Gospel centuries before Muhammad) to verbal alteration and concealing, which I think actually are testimony to the textual reliability of these texts.

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