Qur’an verses affirming the reliability of the Torah and the Gospel

Please find above an Excel spreadsheet containing about 70 or so verses which I’ve come across which I believe suggest that the Qur’an is affirming the reliability of the Torah and the Gospel. They cover numerous categories from ‘Bad motives’ (suggesting the issue is the behaviour of Jews and Christians and not their corrupt texts), […]

‘And they were knowing…’ – willing disobedience amongst the People of the Book

Our Muslim friends inform us that the scriptures of the People of the Book were corrupted long ago, and accordingly Christians go astray in believing fabricated doctrines such as Jesus’ atoning death and his divinity. We would therefore expect the main Qur’anic charge to be that the Jews and the Christians are deluded, deceived. However, […]

The ratio of ‘oral corruption’ to ‘textual corruption’ verses, and its significance

I was recently speaking to a Muslim friend with whom I have often debated whether the Qur’an teaches the textual corruption (textual taḥrīf) of the former scriptures (the Torah and the Gospel). He believes the Qur’an does teach textual taḥrīf, whereas I do not. As we were speaking recently he was describing the complexity of […]

‘Islam Critiqued’, Boiling Water and the Flood

I highly recommend the short, 4 minute video produced by Islam Critiqued, where he makes a strong case that the Qur’anic detail that the Flood included boiling water (Q 11:40, 23:37) derives from rather dubious Jewish exegesis in the Babylonian Talmud Rosh Hashanah 12a. I won’t repeat the argument, go and check out the video. […]